2013 Avenza Map Awards

Congratulations to all of the winners! We had dozens of submissions and had a memorable, but tough judging session to narrow down this year's best maps. We're already looking forward to next year's map awards.

View the 2013 Avenza Map Awards Gallery

Avenza Systems is pleased to announce the return of our annual map awards. The awards are open to all mapmakers from around the world who use Avenza products in the creation of their maps. The various category awards recognize achievement in the art and science of cartography and promote the advancements and innovation made in mapping. Both professional mapmakers and students are encouraged to apply for the awards. Category winners will receive their choice of a one year license of MAPublisher or Geographic Imager and will have their map featured in the Avenza PDF Maps store for mobile devices.


Map Categories

Best Map Overall
The top candidate maps from each category will be judged against each other for best overall qualities. Only one map will be awarded this honour.

Best Collection of Maps (Atlas or Series)
This category recognizes atlases or a map series that follow a theme.

Best Special Purpose Map
This category recognizes maps that focus on a topic or communicates a subject or theme including historical maps, analytical maps, map presentations, and industry mapping projects.

Best General Purpose Map
This category recognizes general purpose maps such as tourist maps, informational maps, map presentations, and wall maps.

Best Transportation Map
This category recognizes maps that focus on transportation such as road maps, public transit maps, and transportation planning agency maps.

Best Topographic Map
This category recognizes maps that focus on using topographic data.

Best Geologic Map
This category recognizes geological survey maps.

Best Thematic Map
This category recognizes maps that present information and data in a creative visual manner.

Best Multimedia Map
This category recognizes interactive digital maps or maps repurposed strictly for digital display on desktop or mobile.

Best Academic Map
This category recognizes academic contributions from K-12 students, as well as undergraduate and graduate students.

Avenza reserves the right to eliminate categories.


Judging Criteria

Avenza Systems will evaluate entries in all categories using the following criteria:

  • Overall cartographic and presentation quality
  • Overall design and layout is effective and professional
  • Map or presentation title is clearly stated and is relevant to the content
  • Map theme or subject is well presented and content is displayed with appropriate detail, hierarchy, and classification
  • Effective use of Avenza software, cartographic tools, and techniques
  • Effective use of GIS data sources and information resources
  • Effective use of symbology and color
  • Appropriate and logical label and text placement
  • Appropriate use of cartographic elements such as legend, north arrows, graticules, and scale
  • For print submissions: output quality (appropriate size, resolution, and paper quality)
  • For multimedia submissions: overall quality (resolution, functionality, interactivity)


Submission Eligibility

  • Avenza products (MAPublisher, Geographic Imager, PDF Maps, or MAPdata) must have been used (in part or whole) in the map creation process
  • Maps completed or published in the 2012 or 2013 calendar year
  • Maximum three submissions per entrant (multiple submissions to a single category is allowed)
  • A submission can be submitted to multiple categories
  • Submissions must be received by July 31, 2013.


Submission Details

  • A completed submission form.
  • We highly encourage digital submissions:
    • A CD/DVD/USB containing a copy of your map.
    • A URL that navigates to a copy of your map.
    • A map uploaded to our FTP
  • Hardcopy and media submissions are also accepted and can be mailed to our office. Detailed submission information and mailing address available after completing form submission.


Submission is now closed, winners will be announced shortly.

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