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About Avenza Systems


Our Mission

Revolutionizing technology to empower people to create, work with, and play with high-quality maps.

What We Do

We’re focused on delivering powerful mapping software that facilitates design, publication, and spatial imaging, as well as providing a platform for commercial and recreational users to consume maps on their mobile devices. MAPublisher® is a suite of plug-in tools for Adobe Illustrator, leveraging its superior graphics capabilities for high-quality map creation. Geographic Imager® software enhances Adobe Photoshop to make working with spatial imagery quick and efficient. The Avenza Maps app helps users consume high-quality cartographic products.

Our History

Based upon technology which was originally started by its predecessor, Avenza Global Technologies Corp., Avenza Systems Inc. successfully develops software products that enable GIS professionals and cartographers worldwide to use the power and functionality of high-end graphics programs to produce maps. Many GIS software products are designed to maintain geographic information, however, a fundamental deficiency is their inability to effectively create great looking maps for publication. Cartographers and GIS users have always sought the ability to produce maps in a graphics program in order to make use of flexible graphic tools.

Avenza responded and created MAPublisher®, a software solution that transforms Adobe Illustrator to handle GIS and map data in a graphics environment. MAPublisher provides over 50 precision cartographic and GIS tools that map-makers need, in addition to the wide array of drawing tools that Adobe Illustrator already offers. Following the success of MAPublisher, Avenza released Geographic Imager®, a set of geospatial image tools for Adobe Photoshop to work with a variety of industry-standard image formats. Avenza strives to make MAPublisher and Geographic Imager the worldwide standard for the creation and publication of maps and the editing and manipulation of geospatial imagery. From its developments, Avenza has well established itself as a third-party developer for Adobe Systems Inc. of San Jose, CA.

Avenza recognized the demand for offline mobile maps and created the Avenza Maps platform (formerly known as PDF Maps) for professionals, consumers, and map publishers. The Avenza Map Store opened up a new channel for map publishers around the world to sell their maps directly to consumers on their smartphones and tablets. Today, the Avenza Maps platform has garnered more than 1 million app downloads and more than 2.3 million map downloads.

Over time, Avenza has kept pace with new technologies and shifts in the competitive GIS and map-making industry. Our commitment to our large base of users and the current trends that drive the industry allows us to continue developing innovative software and solutions.

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