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[VIDEO] PDF Maps App on KRCR-TV ABC Chico

Coverage of the PDF Maps app on KRCR-TV ABC Chico.

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Improving Adobe CC 2015 Performance with MAPublisher

If you're experiencing slower performance in Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 when working with MAPublisher and map data, it could be the cause of two settings in Illustrator Preferences:

  1. Automatically Save Recovery Data
  2. GPU Performance

Disabling these options will improve performance.

To turn off Automatically Save Recovery Data, go to Illustrator Preferences > File Handling & Clipboard. Under the Data Recovery section, uncheck the Automatically Save Recovery Data Every check box.

[VIDEO] PDF Maps App on Good Morning Vail

Dan Bryant of thehandymap.com discussing the PDF Maps app on Good Morning Vail (TV8).

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Placing Text with an Offset Value Using MAP LabelPro

Having introduced some background information about text insertion point coordinate values in a previous post, it would be good to explore if this method works when trying to place text objects (annotations/labels) with a specific offset value. For example, if you have a point layer and there is an attribute for the offset value so that every object has a different offset value.

An Attribute table with the offset value for every object

Important announcement about Adobe CC 2015

Update: MAPublisher 9.6 is fully compatible with Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.

This is an extremely important announcement concerning the release of Adobe CC 2015 and compatibility with MAPublisher and Geographic Imager.

Sorting MAPublisher Layers with FME Auto

In this blog post we'll look at how you can control the order of layers in MAPublisher when using FME Auto.

FME Auto to MAPublisher

Adding the same layer to multiple MAPublisher templates using FME Auto

Drawing inspiration from this Safe software blog post we have developed an FME workflow that allows the user to update multiple MAPublisher templates with additional layers using two workspaces and a workspacerunner transformer.

WordPressing Maps into Service [via Cartagram Blog]

Our friends at Cartagram published a blog about adding MAPublisher Web Author maps into Wordpress. Using this workflow, anybody can add custom maps to their Wordpress blog.

Follow this link to read more.

Placing Updated Labels at the Same Position as Existing Labels

After a text placement engine places labels (e.g. annotations or labels) some manual adjustment is usually required. The major reason for this task is to avoid text colliding with other objects and to improve map aesthetics and composition. Here is an example map with the position of labels manually placed and adjusted. What do you usually do when updating your map and you have to update those labels?

PDF Maps for Windows Phone Beta Available

You have all been vocal in your support for a Windows Phone version of PDF Maps so we're excited to tell you that the Beta is now available to the public. As a tester, you get to have a direct influence over how PDF Maps looks and feels. Be sure to submit any feedback and issues of your experience with as much detail as possible so that we can make improvements to the app. We highly recommend sending screen shots, crash logs and detailed workflows for any issues you come across.

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