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A Topographic Reference Map of the Monte Rosa area

Remo Nardini, Gatto Francesco, Lorenzo Albertini, Giulio Donati Sarti, Andrea Greci, Federico Rossetti

This impressive topographic reference map of the Monte Rosa area was a collaborative effort between Remo Nardini,  and the whole 4LAND team. The map is centered on two of the most renowned mountains of the Alps:  Monte Rosa and Monte Cervino (commonly referred to as the Matterhorn). 

The map encompasses a massive and diverse area. From the glaciers and valleys crossed by the Alta Via n.1 highway in the Aosta valley to the panoramic snow-capped peaks that the Alps are known for. The high valleys of the Monte Rosa area emanate a particular charm, with its woods and pastures making it stand out among other areas in the Aosta Valley. 

Learn more about this map in the Winners Spotlight Article. The map is available digitally on the Avenza Maps Store.