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Avenza Maps Photo Scavenger Hunt

At last, here are the details of the Avenza Maps photo scavenger hunt!! Try to take photos of all of the items on the list for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card. We’ll keep track and announce the winner on June 7th! Good luck!

Photo List

  1. View from the top (of something nature related)
  2. Screenshot of a map you used in the Avenza Maps app
  3. Outdoor recreation gear (shoes, hiking boots, walking sticks, backpacks, etc.)
  4. Animal tracks
  5. Trailhead sign
  6. Body of water or river
  7. Animals (wildlife)
  8. Sunset landscape
  9. Park or event flag (not a country flag)
  10. Outdoors group photo (or selfie!)
  11. BONUS: a paper map used on your adventure



  1. Follow Avenza Maps on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.
  2. Post your photos to at least one of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram platforms and use the hashtag #avenzascavengerhunt. Please make your posts public, otherwise we won’t be able to see them!
  3. The scavenger hunt ends May 30, 2018. Person with the most items from the photo scavenger hunt list wins! Multiple winners will be entered into a draw for the $50 Amazon gift card! Winners will be announced June 7th, by 5pm EST.