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Geographic Imager Basic License

The Geographic Imager Basic license is suitable for occasional users who need to import geospatial images in Adobe Photoshop for editing. Quickly import your imagery or scanned unreferenced maps into Adobe Photoshop and reference them with the easy-to-use Georeference tool that includes coordinate system detection. Enhance images using powerful Adobe Photoshop tools and export to standard industry formats such as GeoTIFF or publish online using PDF Maps App format. The Basic license is is also suitable for QA/QC who review images and need to save to specific image formats to maintain georeference. Below is a table that compares the Basic and Full licenses of Geographic Imager.

The Geographic Imager Basic license is available for Photoshop CS6 and Creative Cloud (CC) and does not include maintenance. The table below reflects features available in Geographic Imager 5.0. An upgrade to a Geographic Imager Full license is available at any time. See pricing and availability for more information about obtaining a license. Contact for further inquiries.

Geographic Imager Basic vs Full license


  • * Rectify functionality is not available with a Basic license because it requires Transform. Georeferencing is considered to only include the assigning of a spatial reference and coordinates to the image, whereas rectification is the transformation and resampling of the image to remove distortion.

  • ** Only several formats available for Quick Save to Format: BigTIFF, DEM TIFF, GeoTIFF, and Geospatial PDF.

  • Note: Basic License can import images up to 1 gigapixel.

Open Geospatial Image Formats
Web Map Service (WMS)
Advanced Import: Reference File
Advanced Import: Source Coordinate System
Advanced Import: Channel Management
Advanced Import: DEM Schema
Advanced Import: Image Extents - Crop/Resample
Advanced Import: Mosaic All Files
Terrain Shader
Channel Management
Export to Avenza Maps
Upload to Avenza Map Store
Panel Options Menu: Specify Reference File
Panel Options Menu: Export Reference File
Panel Options Menu: Specify DEM Schema
Panel Options Menu: Quick Save to Format**
Panel Options Menu: Specify Coordinate System
Panel Options Menu: Export Coordinate System
Save to: BigTIFF
Save to: GeoTIFF
Save to: Adobe Photoshop native formats
Save to: Geospatial PDF
Save to: MrSID
Save to: NITF
Save to: IMG
Save to: DEM
Save to: ECW (Maximum export size of 500 MB)
Save to: Other Geographic Imager provided formats
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