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2nd Annual Avenza Competition for Cartographic Design

American Association of Geographers

Unfortunately, this event that we were planning on attending has been cancelled by its organizers.

AAG Annual Meeting, 2020
Denver, Colorado, USA
April 6 – 10, 2020
Booth #306

A judged map gallery with 1st and 2nd place awards.

Call for Participation

Avenza Systems and the Cartography Specialty Group present a map gallery competition for the 2020 AAG meeting in Denver, CO. The purpose of the competition is to promote and recognize the effective application of design principles in the appearance and usability of map products.

✦ Entries may be submitted in print format or a URL and they will be judged in their native format.
✦ Submissions should include a statement (250 words or less) describing the design goals.
✦ The participation is open to all and does not require conference registration, however, participants must identify someone who is registered and who will bring the map to the gallery at the beginning of the session.
✦There will be two awards. At least one award will be for best student map. The other award will be open to students and non-students. Prize money will be $250 for each award.

To register, please complete *this form*.

Thank you.