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[Webinar] Avenza Maps: A Mobile Solution for Offline Mapping, Data Collection and Navigation in the Field

As part of GeoIgnite 2021, this workshop will offer a deep-dive into the Avenza Maps app, a mobile app where users can upload or access custom maps for offline navigation, way-finding, and data collection. The workshop will be composed of five modules covering the fundamentals of the app’s usage, as well as more advanced industry-relevant features. We will also provide a walk through of using the Avenza Map Store to share your maps, and a sneak peak at upcoming features to be released this year.

Module 1: An Introduction to Avenza Maps (15min)

Module 2: Avenza Maps for Professional Use (25 Min)

Module 3: Avenza Maps for Recreational Use (25 Min)

Module 4: Sharing maps with the Public: Hosting Custom maps on the Avenza Map Store (25min)

Module 5: New Horizona: A preview of upcoming features and new tools (25min)

Key Learning Points

  • Learn about the offline capabilities of Avenza Maps
  • Learn how the Avenza Maps platform is used by many organizations as a mobile mapping solution
  • Learn directly from the Avenza Maps team about the latest and upcoming product features and updates


  • Spencer Elford, Product Marketing Coordinator
  • Justin Baradi, QA Specialist, Mobile
  • Felipe Gonzalez-Macqueen, Map Store Business Development
  • Alex Videka, Associate Product Manager


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