Renew Maintenance

MAPublisher Geographic Imager

Thank you for choosing to renew your subscription to MAPublisher® or Geographic Imager® maintenance. By doing so, you will ensure continuation of your maintenance benefits including unlimited technical support, product upgrades and updates for one more year.

This form is for credit card orders only—no purchase orders will be accepted. If you work for an academic institution or require a purchase order within North America and wish to renew your maintenance, fax the purchase order to (416) 487-7213.

Enter any special offer codes in the Comments section at the bottom of this form.

Email or call 1-(800)-884-2555 if you have any questions or concerns.

Increase your savings by adding any of a selection of Avenza data products such as MAPdataUSA or MajorCitiesUSA. Add additional MAPublisher or Geographic Imager licenses at reduced prices (these include one year of maintenance) and are available only to maintenance subscribers at the time of their renewal. See below for details. All prices are in US dollars.

This form is secured to protect your information.

MAPublisher Maintenance Renewal

$349 each
One (1) year renewal
$549 each
One (1) year renewal
$199 each
One (1) year renewal
$399 each
One (1) year renewal
$99 each
One (1) year renewal
$199 each
One (1) year renewal

MAPublisher LabelPro license renewals are prorated if it does not coincide with the associated MAPublisher license renewal date.

Geographic Imager Maintenance Renewal

$199 each
One (1) year renewal
$329 each
One (1) year renewal

Software and Upgrades

$1349 each (save $50 off regular price)
$599 each (save $100 off regular price)
$579 (save $20 off regular price)
Upgrade from MAPublisher 8.x or 7.x only
$299 (save $20 off regular price)
Upgrade from 3.x or 2.x
If you are ordering any of the above, please select your operating system.

MAPublisher Add-ons

$799 each (save $200 off regular price)
If you are ordering any of the above, please select your operating system.

MAPdata Products

$399 each (save $100 off regular price)
$399 each (save $100 off regular price)
$179 each (save $20 off regular price)
Choose only if purchasing MAPdata Individual State
$179 each (save $70 off regular price)
All 44 cities

Existing Product License Key(s)

This order form is for maintenance renewals only. Enter your active MAPublisher or Geographic Imager license key(s) to qualify for these renewals and upgrades at discounted prices. Example: If you order two MAPublisher LabelPro licenses, you must enter two active MAPublisher license keys. For Floating license users, just enter "FLOATING".

Enter existing MAPublisher and/or Geographic Imager license key(s). Separate multiple license keys with comma.

Shipping Method

We use UPS for all our shipments and will charge your credit card according to the following rates. If you would like to charge the shipping to your Fedex or UPS account, please enter the account number in the box below. All shipping prices are in US dollars.

  • All maintenance renewals do not require shipping.
  • If you are ordering MAPublisher or Geographic Imager software and upgrades, you have the option to choose download or UPS shipment.
  • LabelPro and Spatial Database products are included in the MAPublisher installer and do not require shipping. License keys for activation are sent via email.
  • All MAPdata products require shipping.
  • Multiple product shipping will be calculated during order confirmation by our sales team. Choose the appropriate region and shipping service.

Use only if you want to charge to your courier account

Billing Information

If Yes, complete section below.

Shipping Information

Payment Information


A 5% administrative fee will be added to all credit card payments.
For alternative methods of payment, contact or 1-800-884-2555.

Your credit card will not be charged until the product is shipped.

Note: All prices are in US dollars. However, due to local banking and credit card regulations, you will be billed in Canadian dollars at the current Canadian/US exchange rate (only if you are paying by AMEX or MasterCard). All VISA orders will be processed in US dollars.

Please confirm your order before submitting this form.

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