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Education Partner Program

When the most prestigious institutions in the world need to make high quality maps, they choose Avenza MAPublisher or Geographic Imager. Organizations like National Geographic, CIA, USGS, and USFS love the fact that Avenza works right in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create outstanding maps. Avenza Maps, our popular mobile application is integral to organizations who use georeferenced maps in remote locations where they have no internet access.  They often need to import or export custom maps for use in the field. Enter Avenza Maps Pro.

Avenza offers an Education Partner Program for the academic community that provides mapping software products ideally suited for forestry, GIS, mapping, outdoor education, and many other programs. All accredited universities and colleges in Canada and the United States that are interested in incorporating Avenza products into their curriculum are eligible to apply for free academic licensing.

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Avenza wishes to support academia in preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s workplace.  Avenza’s investment through this generous licensing policy helps ensure that the latest technology is accessible to our future industry leaders.

For academic organizations and instructors, equip your students with Avenza mapping software and integrate it into your curriculum. MAPublisher, Geographic Imager and Avenza Maps are currently being taught in many colleges and universities around the world. Focus on the practical applications of GIS and mapping technology to allow your students to excel in their careers.

Get Lab and Student Licenses

Get licenses for Avenza software in your lab and for students.

Get Ongoing Instructor Licenses

Get continuous licenses for instructors to teach your students.

Foster Growth and Prepare Students

Prepare students of today for tomorrow.

Avenza Academic Scholarship

For the 2022 calendar year, Avenza is offering a US$500 scholarship to a selected undergraduate or graduate student who has demonstrated proficiency in using MAPublisher, Geographic Imager or Avenza Maps for an academic research project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To get started, complete the application form. The Avenza team will get in touch with you after reviewing your application.

Avenza’s Education Partner Program allows the use of MAPublisher, Geographic Imager and Avenza Maps Pro for instructional use only. Under the Education Partner license, the use of the software for commercial or research purposes is strictly prohibited. For more information on other licensing options, please contact the Avenza sales team.

The software can be freely installed in a classroom or lab, as well as on an instructors’ and students’ computers.

The program lasts for as long as how many semesters you have registered for. Typically, in a year, this may be 2 to 3 semesters. The program will need to be renewed annually.

The software can only be used on a computer that has been designated as being used to instruct or on a computer designated as the student’s computer used in the course.

Get in touch with your instructor or course director and request that you want Avenza software to be used in your course. Have that instructor or course director get in touch with the Avenza team or complete the application form.

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