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Geographic Imager vs ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud

Geographic Imager for Adobe Photoshop provides map makers and GIS professionals a seamless design environment to edit geospatial images. While other plug-ins only allow you to import existing maps with limited functionality, Geographic Imager gives you full control over raster data while retaining geographic accuracy, allows for coordinate system transformation, and full use of Adobe Photoshop editing tools. Some of the many Geographic Imager features compared to ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud are listed below.

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FeaturesGeographic Imager 6.1ArcGIS Maps for Adobe
Application AccessibilityAvailable offline
ImportEsri Formats:
ArcGIS Online (Web Map Layers)
ArcGIS Web Service (Web Map Layers)
Use geographic coordinates to define area of interest on import
Import from a web map service (WMS)
More than 18 other geospatial image formats
ArcGIS Online RequirementsAccess ArcGIS Online with a Public account
Access ArcGIS Online with a Level 2 Organizational account or higher
Import from an ArcGIS Online Web Service without an account
ExportMore than 10 geospatial image formats
Georeferencing InformationGeospatial information is maintained at all times
Thousands of defined coordinate systems and projections*
Create and edit custom coordinate systems and projections
Maintain georeferencing while performing Adobe Photoshop edits
Create GeoreferencingGeoreference images
Quick georeference methods for 1 or 2 tie points
Georeference images using online imagery
Intelligent coordinate system detection
Enter coordinates in any coordinate system
Coordinate format support - work with any geodetic format
Rectify images
Validate ground control points and view image extents online
Coordinate System TransformationTransform images into other coordinate systems*
Maintain complex Adobe Photoshop layer structures and properties
Control resampling methods
Advanced control for specific pixel sizes
View and edit datum shifts
MosaicCreate complex mosaics
Maintain layer structure, properties and alpha channels
Advanced options when coordinate system transformations are required
Ability to mosaic DEM files
TileCreate tiles from geospatial imagery
Export tiles in various geospatial formats
Specify tile size and overlap of tiles
GeoCropCrop images using geographic extents
Crop images using various geographic methods
Crop images using coordinates for any coordinate system
Shaded Relief (Terrain Shader)Import DEMs to create shaded relief
Create custom gradients to use as colour maps
Control elevation colours for specific elevations
Overlay images over DEMs
Specify angle and intensity of shaded relief
Channel ManagementModify colour bands any time
AutomationAutomate repetitive tasks with actions and scripts
Automate Adobe Photoshop operations and maintain georeferencing
Automate Geographic Imager features and maintain georeferencing
MiscellaneousWork in full view in native Adobe Photoshop - not restricted to panels
Create mosaics, modify geographic extents and resample on import*
View elevation ranges of DEMs
Export web tiles to use in online maps
Export reference files
Export coordinate system files
Collect coordinates and measure lines and areas
Adobe CompatibilityCS6
CC 2019

  • Supported

  • * Supported during import only

  • Not supported

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