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MAPublisher vs ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud

For more than 20 years, MAPublisher for Adobe Illustrator has been the cartographic standard mapping tool that provides map makers and GIS professionals a seamless design environment to create beautiful maps with spatial data. While other plug-ins only allow you to import existing maps with limited functionality, MAPublisher gives you full control over vector data while retaining geographic precision, attribute information, and full use of Adobe Illustrator tools. Some of the many MAPublisher features compared to ArcGIS for Adobe Creative Cloud are listed below.

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FeaturesMAPublisher 10.7ArcGIS Maps for Adobe
Application AccessibilityAvailable offline
ImportEsri Formats: Shapefile (*.shp) ArcGIS Online (Web Map & Feature Layers) ArcGIS Web Service (Web Map & Feature Layers)
More than 25 other geospatial data formats
ArcGIS Online RequirementsAccess ArcGIS Online with a Public account
Access ArcGIS Online with a Level 2 Organizational account or higher
Import from an ArcGIS Online Web Service without an account
Import local shapefiles without an ArcGIS Online Account
ExportMore than 15 geospatial data formats
Map PropertiesGeoreferencing data retained
View cursor coordinates in projected and/or geodetic units
Coordinate system transformations*
Thousands of defined coordinate systems and projections*
Create and edit custom coordinate systems and projections
Modify map scale*
AttributesView, create, edit and manage feature attributes
Export attributes
Merge external attribute data
Build and edit attribute expressions
Query attributes to select features
Apply symbology using attribute values*
Calculate art bounds (page and map units)
Calculate statistics (e.g. sum, mean, standard deviation, etc.)
Calculate point elevation
Calculate point north angle
Calculate line and area centroid
Data CreationPlot points
Plot lines
Plot areas
Search online for points of interest and add them to your map
Georeference existing non-referenced data
Geocoding ServicesMapQuest
ArcGIS Online (requires ArcGIS Online account with subscription credits)
Simplify art and preserve topology
Trim and Extend line tools
Merge layers
Split layers
Path UtilitiesAdd vertices
Copy vertices to a point layer
Find self intersection points
Remove duplicate points
Convert beziers to polylines
Selection TypesAttribute query
Saved art selections
Spatial Filters
Thematic ToolsStylesheet Themes - Style layers using Adobe Illustrator swatches, symbols, graphic styles based on feature attributes
Dot Density Themes - Use dot distributions to represent the number of occurrences of a given attribute in a particular location
Chart Themes - Chart theme data is read from layer attributes and can be displayed as either a bar chart or pie chart
Customizable legend
Scale and rotate features by attribute
Basic Labeling ToolsSimultaneously generate labels for area, line, or point layers
Set label position and fitting preferences
MAP Tagger Tool - create labels by clicking individual map features
MAP Contour Tagger Tool - create labels for contour lines by clicking and dragging across path features
LabelPro (upgrade required)Advanced conflict resolution
Specify label and feature obstacles
Specify label rules and styles on a per layer basis
Text UtilitiesApply proper formatting to right-to-left languages
Convert text on a path to point text
Separate multiline text
Merge text
Extend overflowing text
Flip upside down text
Shorten text path
Set text alignment
Rectify point text to angle
Draw shape around text
Draw anchor point for text
Curve text to latitude
Fix one point text
Add line breaks
Grids & GraticulesIndex Grid
Measured Grid
Generate an index text file
Layout ToolsScale bar*
Customizable scale bar
North Arrow
Adobe Illustrator CompatibilityCS6
CC 2019

  • Supported

  • * Supported during import only

  • Not supported

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