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Save Time

MAPublisher® LabelPro™ labeling is fast, efficient and customizable. Save countless hours of tedious post-labeling refinement of your map labels. It is the best cartographic labeling engine that offers a complete rule-based system for collision-free text placement in Adobe Illustrator.

Intelligent Labeling

Batch generate Label Filters to create multiple filters with only a few clicks. Automatically add leader lines for small features. Stack long, one-line labels into multi-line labels. Automatically reduce font sizes for better fitment. Achieve high-quality labels on curved line features. Fine tune label placement around points. And much more…

Share Settings

Save styles and rules to a file for future use or to share with multiple users across a network or across the country. Importing them is easy as dropping them into a MAPublisher LabelPro settings folder.

License Management

Easily manage license options including commercial, academic, multi-user and floating. Empower multiple users on a network with cost effective network or floating licenses.