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How we’re dealing with the COVID-19 situation

Dear Valued Avenza Customers,

I know that everyone is concerned about COVID-19 which has us all feeling uneasy and unsure about short and long term plans and the overall impact of this global pandemic. This is why I am personally reaching out to you today to let you know that Avenza feels it too and we are here to help wherever we can.

As the public health situation around COVID-19 continues to evolve, Avenza is doing its best to support our users and keep the lines of communication open while balancing that with ensuring the health and safety of our employees and performing our social responsibility to curtail the spread of the virus. 

In heeding all government and health professional directives and to support social distancing within our own offices, we have directed and empowered all our staff to work from home during this crisis period. This flexibility and understanding will help protect their well-being and allow them to continue to stay productive during these uncertain times. We are virtually maintaining our regular office hours and are available through many of our social media and support channels, email, and of course by telephone. Our priority is to continue to provide the dependable and personalized service you’ve become accustomed to receiving, while as a number one priority protecting the health and well-being of our staff, their families, and the public at large.

You will have probably now seen many of these types of notices but I want to assure you that we are here, active and available to support you as may be necessary so that you may also continue to remain working and productive.


Ted Florence

Avenza Systems Inc.


Avenza Maps 3.9 Release Integrates what3words

Avenza Maps version 3.9 is now available for users on iOS and Android devices! We have added features for both our recreational and Pro subscription users and made some improvements based on user feedback. This update of Avenza Maps includes some great features including the integration of what3words. Now anyone can identify their location by simply using three words. This is a very useful feature for recreational and outdoor enthusiasts as well as professionals who use Avenza Maps in remote locations. You can find the what3words for any 3m square in the world on any map. Here are more new features in this release:

GPX Import (Pro and Plus)

Hurray! Pro and Plus users can now import GPX files. Our users have been asking for it and now GPX files containing tracks, routes, and waypoints can be imported onto any map.

Avenza Maps GPX Route


Course-Up Map View Mode

When Course-up is enabled on the Location tab, the map view automatically rotates in accordance with your direction of travel.

Avenza Maps Course-up View

Registration Links (Pro)

Avenza Maps Pro admins can distribute Registration Links to field users who can interact with them to automatically register for Avenza Maps Pro with their organization.

New Coordinate Display Formats

Several new coordinate formats are now available in Avenza Maps, including what3words, British National Grid (a Pro feature with a limited preview for all users), and Universal Transverse Mercator.

what3words is live in Avenza Maps and has given every 3m square in the world a unique 3 word address, making it easier for people to communicate precise locations. With the new what3words feature you can set accurate waypoints, plot your favourite points along hiking trails or cycling routes and identify your own location – using just three words. supply.founders.outreach, for example, is the 3-word address for the front entrance to Avenza Systems’ head office in Midtown, Toronto. The what3words location is included in every placemark dropped on a map and can be copied and shared.

Avenza Maps what3words

Learn more about how what3words is integrated into Avenza Maps on

There are some big changes and improvements in this version of the app and we’re very excited about it. Our goal is always to ensure that Avenza Maps users can navigate safely, track efficiently, and collect data even more precisely in the app.


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