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Avenza Floating License

Avenza floating licenses for MAPublisher and Geographic Imager make powerful cartographic production environments even more efficient and workgroup-friendly. This tri-platform solution is supported on Windows, Mac and Linux servers and includes the ability to check-out a license for remote use on laptop computers. Floating licenses are a cost-effective way of sharing software among multiple users in a networked environment.

Who uses Avenza floating licenses?

Avenza floating licenses should be considered by any organization that wishes to have access to MAPublisher or Geographic Imager across multiple systems. Floating licenses are particularly useful for companies or academic labs with multiple users where the product is not used by everyone at the same time.


Features and Benefits

Cost Savings

Empower multiple users and multiple computers without the cost of purchasing an individual specific license for each user or computer. See the Cost/Benefit scenarios below.

Concurrent Use

Share usage among an unlimited group of potential users. The actual client software can be installed on an unlimited number of computers and can be used on any combination of computers concurrently, up to the maximum number set by the number of floating licenses purchased.

Wide Range Support

Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux servers. Supports mixed platform (Windows and Mac) client environments.

License Borrowing

Special laptop option enables users to borrow a license and take it on the road even when disconnected from the network.

Scale Up

Additional client computers or users can be added at no extra cost.

Remote Access

Choose an option (additional cost applies) to provide access to remote users via the Internet.

Cost/Benefit Scenarios

ScenarioCost of individual licensesCost of floating licensesSavings
Large shop: 50 computers and users, where no more than 15 would use MAPublisher at any given moment50 licenses = US$69,95015 licenses = US$31,500$38,450
Medium shop: 10 computers and users, where no more than 3 would use MAPublisher at any given moment10 licenses = US$13,9903 licenses = US$8,097$5,893
Small shop: 4 computers and users, where no more than 1 would use MAPublisher at any given moment4 licenses = US$5,5961 license = US$2,699$2,897
Single user: 3 computers, where no more than 1 computer would use MAPublisher at any given moment3 licenses = US$4,1971 license = US$2,699$1,498

Note: Prices may vary outside of North America.

In each of the above examples, the required number of users have the ability to use MAPublisher across their networked systems. An organization can achieve an overall savings by recognizing the fact that not everyone may use the product at the same time.

How to purchase a floating license

  • See MAPublisher and Geographic Imager system requirements to ensure your computers are compatible with a floating license.
  • Purchase floating licenses of MAPublisher or Geographic Imager. Contact Avenza Sales for academic, non-profit, and volume pricing of more than five floating licenses.
  • Sales will confirm purchase and provide instructions on how to setup the floating license server and client machines.