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Retrieve License File

Retrieve either an evaluation or purchased license file for a previously activated installation of MAPublisher (8.0 and newer) or Geographic Imager (3.0 and newer). If you want to retrieve a license for an old MAPublisher 7.x or Geographic Imager 2.x version or earlier please contact

If you wish to perform any other type of product activation, visit Product Activation.

Machine ID*:

Before finding your Machine ID, remove all peripherals (including docking station) then open Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

Obtain the machine ID for the new computer. The machine ID may be found as follows:

  • MAPublisher 9.x / 8.x: Open Adobe Illustrator on the new computer and choose Help > MAPublisher Licensing > License Management.
  • Geographic Imager 5.x / 4.x / 3.x: Open Adobe Photoshop on the new computer. In the Geographic Imager panel options menu (top-right corner) choose License Management.


  • Ensure that the correct product and version is selected, otherwise you may not receive a license file that is compatible with your installation.
  • The retrieval system will not issue a license file for a product that you have not previously activated.
  • The license file will be sent to the email address used for the original activation.
  • Licenses are uniquely bound to the machine upon which they were activated and will not work on any other machine.
  • If there are any activation issues, contact Avenza Support or email