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Avenza Announces MAPdata World

3 part set of GIS map data covering the world at 1:15 million scale.

Toronto, ON, March 22, 2005 – Avenza Systems Inc., the developer of MAPublisher map production software and MAPdataUSA shapefile data for the United States , is pleased to announce the release of MAPdata World, a 3 part set of royalty-free GIS map data covering the world at 1:15 million scale.

This detailed world vector dataset was initially created by Avenza UK reseller and digital data experts, The XYZ Digital Map Co., Ltd., and was specially created / designed for Avenza and the MAPublisher user. As a result it contains many data and design elements you will not find anywhere else in a world data set.

MAPdata World comes complete with ESRI Arcview project and shapefiles, MapInfo tab and workspace files and a set of MAPublisher-optimized mid/mif files which have been fine tuned and simplified for optimum performance with MAPublisher, whether working in Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia FreeHand.

Vector data layers include towns, roads, railways, rivers, lakes, administration areas and lines, symbols and physical names. Raster contour and hillshading layers are also available. This is a royalty-free data set that allows for the unrestricted use of all files for the design and creation of maps for print and/or electronic distribution.

“MAPdata World is our response to customer requests for more high-quality and royalty-free map data that they can use with MAPublisher or their GIS,” said Ted Florence, president of Avenza Systems Inc. “This data set has everything you need to make detailed maps of the world or world regions whether for publication or for use with your GIS.,” he added.

Summary of MAPdata World features and benefits:

  • royalty-free*
  • ready for immediate use in your GIS or with MAPublisher
  • cross-platform (Windows and Mac) compatibility
  • presented in widely used GIS file formats
  • optimized files for use with MAPublisher included
  • includes national road and rail networks
  • includes hydrologic features such as drainage, rivers and lakes
  • includes up-to-date administrative boundaries
  • raster hillshading and contours are included
  • selected features include attributes for labeling
  • project and workspace files contain labels set at pre-determined zoom levels for ease of viewing
  • MAPublisher-optimized files include preset labels that can be used without further modifications

For complete product details and downloadable samples visit

*certain restrictions apply. See website for details.

MAPdata World is available now direct from Avenza Systems Inc. and through Avenza’s worldwide reseller network at US$999 for the complete 3-format set or at US$599 for an individual file format.

More about MAPublisher

MAPublisher is powerful map production software for creating cartographic-quality maps from GIS data. Developed as a suite of plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Freehand, MAPublisher leverages the superior graphics capabilities of these design packages with over 40 tools including import/export of major GIS file formats with all the attribute information intact and usable.

More about Avenza Systems Inc.

Avenza Systems Inc. is an award winning, privately held corporation that provides cartographers and GIS professionals with powerful software tools for making better maps.  In addition to software offerings for Mac and Windows users, the Company offers value-added data sets, product training and consulting services.   Visit or call 416-487-5116 for more details.

More about The XYZ Digital Map Co., Ltd.

The XYZ Digital Map Co., Ltd., based in Scotland , are specialists in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and cartography. They supply map data for GIS users and the web as well as specializing in map creation and complete map and GIS database design and production services. Visit for more details.

For further information:
Tel: 416-487-5116

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