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Avenza Announces Support for Cartotalk Online Forum

A public forum for cartography and design

Toronto, ON, April 6, 2005 – Avenza Systems Inc., producers of MAPublisher cartographic software, and MAPdata USA, MAPdata World and MajorCities USA royalty-free GIS/cartographic data files, announces that it has agreed to an exclusive sponsorship of the Cartotalk online discussion group for cartography and design.

“We have been looking for a suitable online forum of cartographic discussion to which to lend our support for some time now” said Ted Florence, president of Avenza. “Cartotalk is definitely a worthwhile and active forum and we are delighted to participate in its growth and to see it flourish as the main source of exchanging information on map-making subjects”, he added.

“The goal of Cartotalk was to create a forum for cartographers with an emphasis on the design aspects of cartography.  Avenza’s MAPublisher is widely recognized as an important tool in modern-day digital cartography and we are very pleased to have Avenza participate in Cartotalk to such a degree” said Nick Springer of Springer Cartographics, the administrator of Cartotalk. “We hope that Avenza’s involvement and support Cartotalk will help make it the primary portal for cartographers” he added.

More about MAPublisher

MAPublisher is powerful map production software for creating cartographic-quality maps from GIS data. Developed as a suite of plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Freehand, MAPublisher leverages the superior graphics editing capabilities of these applications with the strength and power of GIS data.  Full details and downloadable demo versions are available at

More about Avenza Systems Inc.

Avenza Systems Inc. is a privately held, award-winning supplier of powerful map-making software and affordable geodata products.  The Company also offers product training and consulting services. Visit for more details.

More about

Cartotalk is a public forum for cartography and design which includes sections on general cartographic news, a searchable discussion forum, an events calendar and related tutorials and tips. Cartotalk is maintained by Springer Cartographics of Crosswicks, NJ and can be found at

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