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Geographic Imager 3.0 Public Beta Announced

Avenza Systems is pleased to release the new Geographic Imager 3.0 Beta to the public.

Participation in this beta program benefits you and your organization by providing early access to a pre-release version of Geographic Imager and allows you to contribute to the process of ensuring that the final release is as robust and functional as possible. It will give you the opportunity to use new features, report potential bugs and suggest software improvements that may be incorporated into the final product or considered for a future update. Interested users must register for the beta by completing the beta NDA.

Some of the new features included in Geographic Imager 3.0 are:

  • Adobe Photoshop x64 support
  • All Geographic Imager operations are now fully scriptable/actionable
  • Interactive GeoCrop with image and crop extent preview
  • Improved Georeferencing
    • ability to specify different coordinate system for referencing
    • ability to remove georeferencing
  • New GeoCrop dialog box
    • includes image view
    • ability to crop using another image
    • ability to crop using coordinate system envelope
  • Preview for GeoCrop (partial) import
  • Improved DEM support
    • DEM schema support
  • DEM Mosaicking (for documents imported with the same schema)
  • New file format support for:
    • BigTIFF
    • ESRI BIL
  • New easy-to-use licensing management system
  • Various performance and improvement tweaks

Anybody can download the Geographic Imager 3.0 public beta and start using it and testing it immediately. You do not need to own (or have tried) a previous version of Geographic Imager. You can download the beta and use it until the product activation expires. The current Geographic Imager 3.0 public beta will expire two weeks after it is activated. All beta activations must be done as a demo or evaluation. Extensions may be requested by contacting Avenza Support.

Please note that the software available in this public beta is not a final release. The product quality and the features are still being developed and completed, meaning this product carries certain risks compared to a final release product. We have tested the product thoroughly and do not anticipate serious issues but for critical work, you should rely on the current version, Geographic Imager 2.5.

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