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Avenza Releases MAPublisher 10 For Adobe Illustrator

Adobe CC 2018 compatibility and data link management

Toronto, ON, November 14, 2017 – Avenza Systems Inc., producers of the Avenza Maps® app for mobile devices and geospatial plug-ins for Adobe Creative Cloud, including Geographic Imager® for Adobe Photoshop®, is pleased to announce the release of MAPublisher® 10 for Adobe Illustrator. This latest update includes many new features and enhancements including full compatibility with Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud 2018.

This MAPublisher release introduces the ability to manage data links where MAP layers in a document can be updated when its source data has been modified. “We’ve reached out for valuable user feedback since our last release and have heard many requests for improved GIS data management and streamlined import,” said Ted Florence, President of Avenza. “By developing and implementing features from this feedback, we’re committed to maintaining MAPublisher as the industry-standard cartography tool to help map makers create amazing products for print, mobile, and web.”

Enhancements and new features of MAPublisher 10

  • Fully compatible with the latest Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 on both Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) and Mac
  • New ability to create and manage data links for MAPublisher documents. MAP layers in a document can be updated when its source data has been modified.
  • New attribute filter capability to select which layers and attributes to include or exclude prior to import
  • New geometry filter capability to select which features to include or exclude prior to import
  • New scale bar styles and customization options including ability to save, import, and export scale bar styles
  • New Visvalingam-Whyatt simplification method and fault tolerance settings to simplify art
  • New MAP Tagger Tool ability to create custom leader lines with various arrow styles and an option to snap leader line to different positions around a label
  • A new Point Utilities action that can rotate points to the angle of latitude
  • A modified Text Utilities action that can draw a point for text based upon text alignment for indexing purposes
  • New settings for North Arrow location including True North and a custom coordinate and options to use Great Circle or compass method.
  • New MAP Web Author HTML5 export customization options including adjustable scale bar.
  • A number of user interface and usability enhancements.


More about MAPublisher for Adobe Illustrator

MAPublisher for Adobe Illustrator is powerful map production software for creating high-quality maps from GIS data. MAPublisher cartographic tools leverage the superior graphic design environment of Adobe Illustrator to manipulate features and produce print-ready, mobile, and online maps with accuracy and efficiency.

MAPublisher 10 is available free of charge to all MAPublisher users with an active maintenance subscription and as an upgrade for non-maintenance users starting at US$599. New commercial licenses are available from US$1399. MAPublisher FME Auto and MAPublisher LabelPro are also available as add-ons starting at US$399 per license. Floating and volume pricing are also available. Prices include one year of full maintenance. Visit for more details.

More about Avenza Systems Inc.

Avenza Systems Inc. is an award-winning, privately held corporation that provides cartographers and GIS professionals with powerful software tools to make better maps. In addition to desktop software offerings for Mac and Windows users, Avenza offers product training, as well as the Avenza Maps app for purchasing and using maps on iOS and Android mobile devices. Visit for more details.

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